How to fix the world in 10,000 not-so-easy steps

Our problems are just coordination problems, which means it's possible to solve them.

Adaptive Grants, a crowdfunding structure for truly ambitious public goods

By building more accountability into crowdfunding, we can make it safer to fund unknown creators and large projects.

Independent maintainers shouldn't be shamed for demanding financial support

We could have genuinely open and sustainable open source, but we need to slightly tweak our social expectations.

My Favorite Syntax Ideas

Easy but clear binary operators, chainable everything, and better whitespace sensitive concepts.

Can Shape Up make democratic product design work?

Using the Shape Up methodology to balance the requests of community members and the contextual expertise of builders.

Open Source Projects as Adaptive Democracy Cooperatives

A new way to support open source work that fluidly allows any kind of community governance.

We could use bothersome licenses as an open source support incentive. Should we?

What does the open source social contract demand?

The internet town square doesn't have to suck

The solution to broken social media is obvious: democratic cooperative ownership.

My Path to Magmide

How I slowly became convinced we absolutely have to build a proof checker and bring formal verification to the mainstream.

Iterative Media

Iterative media could be a better way to think about meaningful ongoing work, and could improve personal blogs, research journals, and a lot more.

Red & blue functions are actually a good thing

By avoiding effect aware functions a language hobbles engineers and makes programs sloppier than they could be.

News organizations should always have been democratically controlled member cooperatives. Now's our chance to make that happen.

If we can figure out a new business model to support real journalism, we can create a better kind of journalism institution. And that could be just the start.

macro-ts: an ergonomic typescript compiler that enables typesafe syntactic macros

Statically typed languages really feel incomplete without true macros, so I hacked that functionality together for typescript.

Adaptive Voting, aligning our voting systems with reality.

We all implicitly assume that elections are events that begin and end. What happens if we get rid of that assumption?

To turn the tide of fascism and climate change, we have to stop preaching to the choir.

By only focusing on making ourselves laugh and feel better, we're failing to actually make any progress. We have to start persuading conservatives, not just mocking them.

Epics and Movies Don't Mix

Our modern storytellers are trying to tell ever larger and more complicated stories in movies, but the genre isn't up to the task.

The Uncanny Galaxy

Star Wars is different and special, and all because of the very first line.

Smart Starter: A Tool for Safe Sane Crowdfunding Budgets

A small side project I did in response to the difficulty of putting together a crowdfunding budget that won't end up screwing the creators.

Facebook Hostages: Why doesn’t social networking work like email?

Facebook and the other social media sites use your participation to hold you hostage to an ecosystem they (mostly) created: the closed social network. But it doesn't have to be that way.

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