Ember Piano Studio Website

An Ember.js app I was building for my piano studio that I scrapped once I discovered Meteor.

published: November 5, 2015 - last updated: May 13, 2024

I was very excited about Ember when I found it. I liked the concept of Handlebars, and automatic dependency handling was an obvious innovation for web apps. I was writing this as an update of my piano studio website, and the intended stack was a Couchdb instance communicating directly with the app.

But then I found Meteor, and immediately liked it much much more. I finished the entire Meteor app in roughly the same time it took me to get this Ember one to the state it's in now (about a month in my spare hours? I can't remember), and it isn't anywhere near finished. Since both systems have a similar amount of dependency overhead and other general performance concerns, I couldn't justify continuing with a framework that had such comparatively poor ergonomics.

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