School Report Website

A school report I chose to write in html.

published: October 30, 2015 - last updated: May 13, 2024

For a writing class, we had to write a report on a social need we found motivating. I chose to write mine about Heifer International (opens new window), a charity that gives impoverished people in the developing world livestock animals rather than something temporary and exhaustible. In a twist though, I decided to write my report in website form, and I hosted it on my University lab student profile, which strangely is still active!

This is a static html site, since I was just barely learning about all of this (that's why I decided to do the report as a website, I wanted to practice!), but even for my limited skills it had a reasonably attractive design. I'm including it in my portfolio because it showcases that I have an eye for graphic design even without any formal training in it, and that I have always been self-motivated to improve myself and gain new skills.

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