Tone Control Android App

An android app I built out of irritation for how difficult it was to change my contacts' custom ringtones.

published: November 2, 2015 - last updated: May 13, 2024

Tone Control Main Screen

Tone Control Ringtone Selector Screen

This app is so old now that it can't even be found on google play. The above demo is only on one of the shady app torrent sites. I wrote it in 2010 I believe? I can't even find an exact date.

Java was the first language I learned, and this may be the first project I completed only for my own reasons.

When I wrote this app, my android made it incredibly difficult to change my contact's custom ringtones. You would have to go to the contact profile, and then click down into two or three menus before you finally got to it. It made it next to impossible to change several people or have certain groups of people have the same ringtone. I didn't like that, so I wrote an app to fix it. All it did was provide a single menu showing all contacts, what their current ringtone was, and allow you to change it with one tap.

I had no intentions of monetizing it, but I did publish it on the app store for free just in case others could potentially find it useful. It apparently had more than a thousand downloads, so that's cool.

The version of android it was built for is practically ancient now, but it solved my problem for as long as I cared about that problem being solved, and I liked the challenge of wrapping my mind around a completely new API.

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